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Contact Samurai Interpreters about any Japanese interpretation needs you have, from international conferences to a tour around Fukuoka City. Our professional interpreters have the experience and expertise to provide you with just what you need. At Samurai Interpreters we strive to support the facilitation of international communication and meet our clients' needs in both the business and academic arenas.
With quality, politeness and trust as our motto, our experienced interpreters provide interpretation services for any situation from simple interpreting for receptions, etc. to consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for large functions.

Interpreter Fukuoka Japanese

Why Samurai Interpreters?

Samurai Interpreters is located in Fukuoka, Kyushu Island, the gateway to Southeast Asia. In recent years, with the major language of business being English, the need for interpretation in business settings has increased manyfold. Here at Samurai Interpreters we understand that interpretation services are essential when it comes to describing a client's services, products or ideas in a multi-lingual setting and we take our role of representing our clients and their organizations very seriously, placing emphasis on politeness, trust, service quality and cost efficiency. Our interpreters specialize in Japanese interpretation and English interpretation and have a high level of linguistic skill with a wide knowledge in a broad range of specialized fields and will not fail to provide an excellent and professional interpretation service.


English to Japanese
Japanese to English

Areas of Expertise

Samurai Interpreters is able to provide interpretation services in a wide range of fields including but not limited to the following:

Real Estate

Method of Interpretation and Setting

We provide the following methods of interpretation for various venues both on-site and via digital media including but not limited to those listed below:

Methods of Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation
Simultaneous Interpretation
Whispering Interpretation
Voice over Interpretaion


In-house Meetings
Seminars and Training
International forums
Business Negotiations
Trade show Booths
Phone Calls / Conference Calls (including Internet calls using SKYPE)


Prices vary depending on the Method of Interpretation and the venue, the level of technical skill, specialized knowledge, and prior preparation etc. required for the interpretation.

Please refer to "Interpretation Service Prices" page for full details.
(* For interpreting needs outside the Fukuoka area, please inquire.)

How to Order

Please refer to the "Order Process page and read the Terms and Conditions before placing your order.

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