Order Process

Order Process for Interpreting Services

Detailed Process from Application to Payment for Interpreting Services

1) Request for Quotation

First, please contact Samurai Interpreters by E-mail, FAX or phone regarding the date, time and method of service and setting  you require.

2) Receipt of Quotation

We will contact you promptly with a quotation for the services that you have requested.
If you choose to apply for our services after reviewing the quotation, please continue to step 3.

 3) Download Application Form

      Please download the application form from one of the following URLs   Application Form  (Word file)  Application Form (PDF File)
    ( Please provide as much detail as possible, including the date, location, field, source and target languages, etc.)

      * If you have trouble downloading the application forms from the links above, please request one by E-mail here

4) Fill out and return the Application Form

       After filling in the necessary items on the application form you downloaded please send it to us by E-mail here or by
      FAX at 092-892-3327.

 Please refer to "Interpretation Service Prices" page for details on interpreting prices and also Terms and Conditions to see additional charges such as travel charges,  allowance and travelling expenses. 

      * After receiving the completed application form, we will arrange an interpreter qualified for your project and set the schedule for the project
         At this point the project is considered accepted and related charges (reservation fee etc. )apply. 
         In the case of cancellation after this point, cancellation fees shall apply.

 5) Payment of Reservation Fee

       After sending the application, please pay the reservation fee according to the following guidelines
      * The Reservation Fee is non-refundable

   Please pay the Application Fee using one of the methods below
  1.       Bank transfer to the Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Mitubishi UFJ Bank or Fukuoka Bank.
      * The handling charge for the transfer shall be paid by the client

      For more information regarding bank transfers please click here
       2.         PayPal - Instant payment online using your credit card.  No handling fees, no banks, no hassle.

       * If you choose payment by PayPal you will receive an invoice with instructions on making payment.

 6) Performance of Interpretation

  1. Prior Preparation and Provision of Supporting Information
     Verify if there is need for prior consultation and if so specify when and where this should take place, etc. Please ask about charges necessary for prior consultation, etc. We advise that you schedule for prior consulation when requesting interpretation services for settings in which background knowledge on the subject matter  would be necessary and ask that you provide any necessary documents etc. in advance. Provision of background information, specialized terminology, proper names, etc. in advance will guarantee smooth progress on the day. The following information would be especially beneficial:
  • Agenda,
  • Subject matter
  • Past communications concerning the subject matter
  • A list of those attending
  • A list of speakers
  • A history of each participant
  • Speech scripts, etc
  • Explanations of any slides or power point presentations
     2.  On the Day

     The interpreter will report to the person in charge of requesting the interpretation services before the  meeting etc. commences. at the location.
     After completion of  the service, you will be asked to confirm the time of completion and sign the "Interpretation Service Invoice".
     When it is necessary to extend the period of the interpretation service, please instruct the interpreter on how to proceed.

 7) Payment of Outstanding Balance
       The outstanding balance is to be paid upon completion of the project.

      * The payment schedule for Repeat Company Interpretation Orders is generally to close at the end of the month
         and payment within two weeks into the following month.
         Please feel free to consult with us regarding any other matters or questions you may have.