Price List

Samurai Interpreters Price List

Areas of Expertise

Our team of interpreters has a wide range of expertise to provide you with exactly what you need in any situation.


  • Japanese to English
  • English to Japanese

Fields of Interpreting

  • Business:
    General Business, Production Meetings, Management, Market Research, Presentations, Seminars, etc.
  •  Legal:
    General Law, Contracts, Business Law, Company Policy and Regulations, Patents, Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Employer / Employee Relations, Lawsuits, Copyrights, etc.
  • Financial:
    Finance, Shareholders Meetings, Audits, Credit, Loans, MBS, IPO, Investment Funds, Insurance, Accounts etc.
  • Medical:
    Medicine, Pharmacology, Medical Instruments, Bio Technology, Medical Research, etc.
  • Other General Interpreting:   General Interpretation, Reception / Guide, etc.

Interpreting Setting and Prices

The chart below is a general guide to calculate the prices for the various settings for interpretation provided by Samurai Interpreters. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote.


  Standard Price
Half Day
i`3 Hoursj
One Day
i`8 Hoursj
iPer Hourj
A Rank
Specialized Interpreting for:
Company Meetings, Negotiations, Corporate Inspections, Tour Guidance, etc.
42,000 yen` 84,000 yen` 10,000 yen`
B Rank
General Interpreting / Everyday Conversation for:
Receptions, Events, Simple Communication, etc.
15,000 yen` 30,000 yen` 4,000 yen`

Note: One day is typically 8 hours. A Half day is considered either three hours in the morning or the afternoon. If the time for a Half day is exceeded the One Day charge shall apply.  If eight hours is exceeded, Extension charges per hour shall apply.

*Please refer to  the Terms and Conditions page for more details concerning pricing.